Rubitection technology improves early bedsore detection

Via the Rochester Business Journal
April 10, 2020

According to Medscape, 60,000 people die annually from complications involving bedsores. Typical early detection of bedsores can be unreliable, and it involves a caregiver feeling and looking for changes in skin health. Early stages of bedsores also can be difficult to detect in people of color, but Rubitection CEO Sanna Gaspard and her team have developed the Rubitect Assessment System, which can detect skin changes regardless of skin color or the skill of the caregiver. The Rubitect Assessment System modernizes bedsore detection with the mission of improving patient outcomes and saving lives.

Rubitection was recently one of four finalists in P&G’s 2020 Innovation Challenge to find its next billion-dollar brand. It also took home second place in the health care category at the 2020 SPIE Startup Challenge in San Francisco. Next up, Rubitection is headed to the SoGal Global Pitch Competition for women and diverse entrepreneurs.

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