Labby Inc.

Empowering dairy farms with real-time milk insights for healthier herds

Labby is leading a transformation in the milk testing landscape. The dairy sector has traditionally relied on milk testing to ensure milk quality, animal well-being, and farm profitability. Yet, the traditional lab-centric testing technologies are slow and infrequent, leading to delayed detection of animal diseases, decreased milk yield production, and a rise in antibiotic use. Labby offers a swift and precise on-farm milk testing solution, employing cutting-edge hardware, proprietary software, and AI technology. The system leverages non-invasive optical spectroscopy to analyze the interactions between light and milk at a molecular level, enabling real-time quantification of milk fat, protein, and cell count information. Such reliable and accurate readings ensure that only the highest quality milk reaches the market, thereby maintaining the dairy’s reputation and bolstering consumer trust.

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Julia Somerdin

Cambridge, MA