SunDensity’s Photonic Smart Coating improves energy efficiency

Via the Rochester Business Journal
May 12, 2020

Boston-based SunDensity has produced groundbreaking Photonic Smart Coating (PSC) technology to double the energy efficiency for products like digital cameras and solar cells. SunDensity is an optics/photonics company in Luminate NY’s third cohort.

“SunDensity’s ability to tap the unique resources that exist in the Finger Lakes region has really helped the company accelerate their development,” said Sujatha Ramanujan, managing director of Luminate. “They are a prime example of how new partnerships can be critical to speeding the commercialization of more energy efficient materials that will have a significant impact on multiple industries and our environment.”

SunDensity’s photo-electric devices convert light into electricity. Currently, 85 percent of light energy is wasted because the materials within photo-electric devices more efficiently use invisible infrared light, therefore most visible light is not used. Nishikant Sonwalkar, SunDensity’s president and CEO, discusses how PSC greatly improves energy efficiency by converting the wasted visible light into infrared light.

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