Spotlight on Kilo Medical Solutions: Modernizing the NICU

The light and noise environment in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) has important effects on the health and development of premature infants. Current practices in the NICU pose various safety and sanitary concerns. Kilo Medical Solutions, an early-stage medical device startup of NextCorps Luminate’s third cohort, is working to combat these challenges with their first product, Brise-Solette. This electrical film application provides a controlled light and noise environment that mimics the conditions of the mother’s womb, while also monitoring infants’ vitals.

Luminate Director of Operations, Andy Simon, speaks with Kilo Medical Solutions Founder and CEO, Joshna Seelam, about the potential of their technology and the startup’s journey thus far.

Kilo Medical Solutions was awarded the Audience Choice award, a $10,000 investment, at Luminate Finals 2020.

Links to research:

Journal of Early Human Development: “A light/dark cycle in the NICU accelerated body weight gain and shortens time to discharge in preterm infants”

Whitepaper published by medical manufacturer, Dräger: “The influence of light on premature babies”


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