SaNoor Laser LiFi offers connectivity solutions for challenging environments

Via the Rochester Business Journal
April 24, 2020

SaNoor Technologies Inc., an optics and photonics company in Luminate NY’s third cohort, is creating laser-based visible light communication (VLC) devices and systems for high-speed, energy-saving, eco-friendly and safe wireless data communication.

SaNoor is headquartered in Pennsylvania, and CEO Boon Ooi and his team strive to address the demand for high-speed underwater wireless data links for environmental monitoring, equipment management, process flow automation and many other industrial applications.

The SaNoor Laser LiFi combines laser lighting and data communications to offer transmission distance 50 times longer and data rates 100 times higher than conventional LED technology on the market. SaNoor’s mission is to provide connectivity solutions to particularly tough environments, like enabling an Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT).

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