Quantune Technologies

Democratizing infrared spectroscopy to bring lab-grade analytics to people’s lives

Quantune is commercializing the world’s first chip-sized laser spectrometer, operating in the mid-infrared spectral range known as the “molecular fingerprint region.” This technology miniaturizes large laboratory equipment for molecular analysis into a compact, accessible module that allows for novel applications beyond the confines of a lab. In the context of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), it enables real-time monitoring and analysis of chemical compounds and emissions, allowing for proactive optimization of industrial processes, reducing downtime, and enhancing efficiency. In healthcare, another key application, the compact spectrometer enables non-invasive monitoring of molecular biomarkers through the skin with exceptional sensitivity. It has the potential to shift healthcare from a reactive to a proactive model, empowering individuals and caregivers to take preventive measures for better health outcomes.

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Nikolaus Hahne, Jan Kischkat

Berlin, Germany