Making it easier to diagnose retina disease

Lumedica is on a mission to reduce the incidence of blindness. Its OQ EyeScope technology provides a medical instrument for diagnosing retina disease that is easy to acquire, transport, and use in all optometry offices. Every year, 1.5 million people around the world become legally blind due to retina disease. Ninety percent of these outcomes could be prevented if the disease is diagnosed early. The problem is that there is an insufficient number of gold standard diagnostic tools available because current optical coherence tomography (OCT) instruments are expensive, bulky, and fragile. The Lumedica system increases access because it can be sold at a fraction of the cost of current systems, and provides the benefits of portability and toughness. It is Lumedica’s vision to place these systems in optometry, ophthalmology, and field clinic settings all over the world.

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Adam Wax, PhD

Durham, NC