Lumedica aims to change world of optical diagnostics

Via Rochester Business Journal

Your vision is your reality. That’s not a fortune cookie quote, but rather a fact of how people live their lives. What your eyes do, how you see, is your norm, you become accepting of it, and even if your vision starts to wane, you begin to accept that as your reality. Couple with that asymptomatic eye diseases, diseases that are not only difficult for the patient to recognize, but doctors as well, and you end up with a troubling result.

“People are going blind in this country when they don’t have to,” said Geoffrey Medcalf, CEO of Lumedica Vision. “And when they go blind, it’s because they don’t know they have a blindness-causing disease, and they don’t know that because when they go to the optometrist, they don’t get the right or best quality eye exam.”

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