Heads-up display could revolutionize motorcycle helmet

By Gino Fanelli via the RBJ

Picture yourself tearing down a highway on a Harley Davidson. You’re going fast, but you’re not quite sure how fast, so a simple downward glance confirms your speed is 60 miles per hour.

Say it takes one second to check the speedometer—that’s a second with your eyes off the road, and at 60 miles per hour, that equals 88 feet traveling blind. A lot can happen in 88 feet, especially on a motorcycle. An unseen branch in the road, a pothole, or a quick-breaking vehicle to the front might mean minor damage in a car but could be fatal on two wheels.

Serial entrepreneur Kal Gwalani of Mango Teq, a competitor in the second Luminate NY business accelerator, has a solution; REYEDR, pronounced “rider,” a detachable, holographic heads-up display easily fitted to the visor of most any full-face helmet.

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