Circle Optics

Eliminating stitching in 360° video

Circle Optics’ proprietary technology captures real-time, error-less, 360° video in 12K. Presently, the 360° content creation, security, mapping, and autonomous vehicle industries are limited by a dependence on stitching — the process of aligning multiple images pixel-by-pixel to create a unified image. Stitching requires expensive and time-consuming post-processing and still produces an imperfect scene with obvious seams and holes. Circle Optics has completely eliminated stitching through a revolutionary camera design that instantly aligns fields of view without post-processing. Its camera, the Hydra, will enable you to view the game better than a court-side seat, monitor your home’s entire surroundings, and explore anywhere in the world virtually, without missing details.

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Zakariya Niazi

Rochester, NY