AkknaTek finds safer methods for using high-end intraocular lenses

Via the Rochester Business Journal
May 26, 2020

AkknaTek, a German-based startup company, offers innovative solutions for ophthalmology, specializing in cataract surgery. AkknaTek is one of 10 finalist companies with optics imaging, and photonics-enabled technologies in the Luminate NY accelerator program.

Patients suffering from cataract disease can often achieve better vision through premium artificial lenses, but surgeons tend to be reluctant to go that route because of unpredictable  postoperative refractive surprises. AkknaTek’s Lens Reviewer overcomes the challenge of implanting premium lenses by correcting the lens centration after implantation.

Founder and co-CEO Edgar Janunts and his team have created a diagnostic system that includes an alignment joystick, an optical imaging system and an embedded computer. A series of images are created while a patient fixates on a green light. The built-in analysis software then calculates the intraocular lens (IOL) dislocation. AkknaTek technology allows for a non-contact method of obtaining measurements.

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